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The This Beta Features in this section are features that are user-ready, but do not necessarily have a back-end and interface yet. These will be added in a future release.

These features have also not been tested as thoroughly as other features (should we admit this to users? Personally I don't see a problem with this, but from a marketing perspective it may not be a great idea, what do I know...), and if you decide to try them out, we would be very grateful for any feedback you can give us.

<Maybe we could have a Beta Features section in the forums where people can leave their feedback? And link to that here?>section provides information about CRYENGINE tech, features and tools etc. that are in the process of developing. In this respect, please read the text in the box below.  



Please be aware that the tech, features and tools that appear in the Beta Features section should be considered as still in development and thus their design and functionality cannot be guaranteed and may well change over time.

DO NOT use the Beta features in production where it creates dependencies!  Always back up your projects to make sure that you can go back to a previous version. 


We really would like to hear what you think about our Beta Features so please add a comment on our CRYENGINE Community Forum.

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