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Currently, Vulkan support in CRYENGINE is a experimental feature, shipping games is not recommended. For more information, contact CRYENGINE Support.



It is recommended to use 64-bit operating system for the above mentioned options. 


Enabling Vulkan Support in CRYENGINE

To build a CRYENGINE project that has support for the Vulkan API, you will need to do the following:


  1. In the CRYENGINE Main window, navigate to Tools -> Advanced -> Console.

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  2. In the Console window, add or change the cvar directive e.g. r_Driver=(X), for example, "r_driverDriver=dx12DX12/DX11" to "r_driverDriver=Vk".
  3. Enable the Remote Shader Compiler (see prerequisitesSee Prerequisites above)Run the game/editor as usual. the editor always falls back to DX11 automatically and won't utilize Vk, which means when jumping into game-mode in the Sandbox: it will not utilize Vulkan..
  4. Now, you should have enabled Vulkan support in CRYENGINE. 

    By Default, CRYENGINE's drivers are set to DX11/DX12 which prevents the editor to utilize Vulkan support in game mode. Make sure you have completed the above steps to enable Vulkan support.