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The Designer option in the Create Object tool lets you add simple geometric shapes to your level that can then be edited using the Designer Tool under the Tools Menu. It allows you to add the following options:




Cast Shadow Maps

When this option is set, the object will cast shadows onto other geometry/terrain/etc.

Global Illumination

Enables/disables voxelization for GI (this affects indirection occlusion from this object).

Rain Occluder

Set the brush to occlude rain, this works in conjunction with Rain Entity.
If your level does contain rain, you should set this wisely, as there is a limit of 512 objects that can occlude at any given time.



Support Second Visarea

Normally, objects are considered to be in only one visarea.
This option allows them to be added to multiple visareas if their bounding box overlaps them, at the cost of some performance. 
Without this option, some large objects may not be displayed when viewed through portals in certain situations.

AI Hideable

When this option is set, AI will use this object as a hiding spot, using the specified hide point type.

View Dist Ratio

Defines how far from the current camera position, the object can be seen.

AI Exclude From Navigationfrom Triangulate

When this option is set, this object will not be considered part of the AI triangulation system. Meaning that the geometry of the object will not contribute to NavMesh generation and it will not generate any NavMesh on top of the object or any holes in the NavMesh where the object is placed.

No Dynamic Water

Avoids boolean-merge on any surrounding static that intersects with the first vessel.

No Static Decals

When this option is set, decals will not project onto the object.

Exclude Collision



Used for the construction of a level occlusion mesh.


Lets you open the Designer Tool to edit the Designer Entity.