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If ACE .xml files are write-protected they will not be automatically deleted during the migration and should be removed manually afterwards,
otherwise they will get parsed again every time the Sandbox starts or the Audio Controls Editor is opened, which will increase loading time.
Source controls paths and generated soundbank paths inside the middleware might need to get updated as well, depending on the project.

Audio files are loaded from the audio/<middleware>/assets folder and their respective localization folders localization/<language>/audio/<middleware>/assets.
ACE xml files are loaded from audio/<middleware>/ace folder.


The following CVars have been added or changed for the Audio system as of release version 5.5:


  • s_DebugDistance

    Limits drawing of audio object debug info to the specified distance around the active listeners. Setting this cvar to 0 disables the limiting.

    Usage: s_DebugDistance [0/...]

    Default: 0 m (infinite)

  • s_DebugFilter

    Allows for filtered display of audio debug info by a search string.

    Usage: s_DebugFilter spaceship

    Default: " " (all)


  • s_DrawAudioDebug (changed flags)
    Draws AudioTranslationLayer related debug data to the screen.

    Usage: s_DrawAudioDebug [0ab...] (flags can be combined)

    0: No audio debug info on the screen.

    a: Draw spheres around active audio objects.

    b: Show text labels for active audio objects.

    c: Show trigger names for active audio objects.

    d: Show current states for active audio objects.

    e: Show Parameter values for active audio objects.

    f: Show Environment amounts for active audio objects.

    g: Show occlusion ray labels.

    h: Draw occlusion rays.

    i: Show object standalone files.

    m: Hide audio system memory info. (new)

    n: Applies a filter to inactive object debug info. (new)

    v: List active Events.

    w: List active Audio Objects.

    x: Show FileCache Manager debug info.

    u: List standalone files.

  • Renamed command s_SetRtpc to s_SetParameter.

    The first argument is the name of the AudioParameter to be set, the second argument is the float value to be set, the third argument is an optional AudioObject ID.

    If the third argument is provided, the Parameter is set on the AudioObject with the given ID, otherwise, the AudioParameter is set on the GlobalAudioObject

    Usage: s_SetParameter character_speed 0.0 601 or s_SetParameter volume_music 1.0

  • s_DrawAudioDebug g now shows the object distance.
  • Draw Occlusion Rays is now s_DrawAudioDebug i (was g).
  • Draw Object Standalone Files is now s_DrawAudioDebug j (was i).
  • Renamed s_ShowActiveAudioObjectsOnly to s_HideInactiveAudioObjects.
  • Deleted deprecated cvars s_AudioTriggersDebugFilter and s_AudioObjectsDebugFilter.