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The Extrude tool mentioned above is one of the most frequently used tools within the Designer tool but it allows only one polygon to be extruded at a time.

We can use the Extrude Multiple tool to extrude multiple polygons in individual normal directions, average or x/y/z direction.

The direction they are extruded can be chosen by:

  1. Changing the Choosing an Extrude Axis in the Extrude Multiple properties that appear when the Extrude Multiple button is selected.
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  2. Dragging the common normal line - not one of the polygons - as shown here:

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The common normal line can be either black or white. It should not be confused with the Designer tool's colored axis lines.

Extruding Multiple -  Average

Extruding Multiple - Individual

Extrude Multiple - X

Extrude Multiple - Y

Extrude Multiple - Z


This tool takes a polygon and creates an offset of the selected polygon in an easy way.

How it Works


You can make an offset right in the middle of a polygon easily by selecting it and then clicking LMB again:

Offset in the middle

You can also determine exactly where the offset will be placed. You do this by clicking the polygon on which you want to create the offset, and then clicking again and dragging LMB up and down on the polygon. To confirm the position of the offset, let go of LMB.


Bridge Edges

With Bridge Edges checked on the property panel, the vertex pairs between each vertex of the selected polygon and corresponding vertex of the offset polygon will be connected.

When using this on the top polygon of the cylinder we used before, this will result in the following:

Repeating the Previous Action

Alt+LMB on a polygon will repeat the previous action. Continuing from the previous picture, the following would happen when doing this repeatedly:

Multiple Offset

In the Offset properties, there is also the option Multiple Offset:

Checking this box, the offset can be applied to multiple polygons by selecting the polygons you want to apply the offset to and then either clicking on one of them once (to create offsets in the middle of the selected polygons) or clicking and dragging on one of the polygons (to determine the exact position of the offsets):