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Creating a New Graph

Graphs belong to a specific entity are stored as a property of the entity. When the entity is saved or exported, the corresponding graph is also automatically saved.


The graph overview window will show the new graph and automatically open it. You can right-click a graph node in the overview window to display a context menu, with additional options to edit the graph.

Deleting a Graph

As a graph belongs to an entity in the level, the graph is removed if the associated entity is deleted. You can delete a graph as follows:

  • Graphs can be removed from the entity by using the graph context menu or the Remove button under the entity's Properties tab.
  • Deleting the graph by deleting the graph entity: Select the entity and in the Edit menu, click Delete.
  • Deleting the graph without deleting the graph entity: In the Flow Graph window under the Flow Graph Editor, right-click the graph, and click Delete Graph.

Renaming and Re-Grouping Graphs

The graph's name is always the name of the entity on which it has been created. When the entity's name is changed, the name in the graph overview window automatically gets changed. The graph's context menu a has an option to move the graph to a different group.


If one or more groups already exist in the level, a new window will be displayed where you can select the group where you want the graph to be placed. Select the group and click OK to confirm, or select New to open the group creation window in order to create a new group.

Disabling and Enabling Graphs

To enable or disable the graphs, right-click the desired graph in the Flow Graph overview window and select Disable. By disabling, the nodes within the graphs will be ignored while the game is running.