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The Flow Graph Debugger enhances the integrated Flow Graph Editor for debugging any given Flow Graph. 


When an input or output port with a Breakpoint gets triggered by the Flow Graph system, the game will be paused. Then the Flow Graph Editor opens the node which consist the Breakpoint, and centers that particular node in the Flow Graph viewer:

Enable Debugging

To enable debug mode, click on the Debug button in the Flow Graph toolbar:

Adding and Removing Breakpoints

To add a new Breakpoint, right-click on a specific port and choose Add BreakpointYou can also add a Breakpoint using Ctrl + Middle Mouse Button on a specific port. 


When a Breakpoint is added, a red dot will be displayed next to the input or output Port.

Enabling and Disabling Breakpoints

You can disable or enable specific Breakpoints by right-clicking the Flownode ports (first image below) or the Breakpoint overview window (second image below).


Enabling or disabling Breakpoint using Breakpoint overview window

Using Tracepoints

You can convert every Breakpoint into a Tracepoint. Unlike Breakpoints, the tracepoint prevents the game from pausing and the information about a triggered Breakpoint will be directed to the console and log file.


[TRACEPOINT HIT - FrameID: 71054] GRAPH: AnimObject1 (ID: 96) - NODE: Entity:MaterialParam (ID: 5) - PORT: ValueColor - VALUE: 0.867136,0.005522,0.005522

Breakpoints Overview

The Flowgraph Editor provides a Breakpoints overview panel (bottom right corner) to provide a better overview of all the Breakpoints added in the Flow Graph. 


You can also remove a specific Breakpoint or Breakpoints in an entire node or Flow Graph by right-clicking in the Breakpoint overview panel.

Resume the Game

To resume the game, when a Breakpoint is hit, you can press F5 or click on the Play button in the Flow Graph Editor toolbar.

Basic Example

In this example, we are using a basic Flow Graph which should calculate a random number when the R key is pressed.