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  • Create one Multi/Sub-Object Material in 3ds Max which includes all materials associated with the asset.
  • You must use Crytek shader in the max files to set up the material file for export.
  • In the 3d application, the proxy material must have "Physicalize" turned on and the Value set to "Physical Proxy (NoDraw)". For further information, please see: Creating Material Files.

  • Operational break lights, headlights, and different indicators on the dashboards have to be on different material IDs, so code can identify them, and deal with them (like setting glow value from code for example).


  • For general information refer to the Creating LODs section page, for specialties in vehicle creation, please see below.
  • Because of the asset complexity it is recommended to link subsequent LOD's to the LOD0 version and include the LOD0 name in the suffix (i.e. "hull" has LODs linked to it called $lod1_hull; $lod2_hull).

You can have a different number of LOD levels for different parts of the vehicle. i.e; the chassis of a car may have 4 LOD levels whereas the door, being a more simple object, has only 2.
LOD switching is based on screensizescreen size, smaller objects will switch earlier than big ones. Keep this in mind when doing LOD's.


There are some useful commands you can use to check your asset and see if it works as expected. Some of these are listed below (you can turn off any of these drawing modes by entering 0 after the command instead of the number given here).



p_draw_helpers 1

Used to check physique proxies.

e_debug_draw 1

Used to check LOD's. Using this variable you can see the bounding box of the object, see the name of it,
number of LOD levels available for the object, the one which is currently displaying, and the polycount of the current LOD.

e_debug_draw 2

Displays polycount only for the given LOD.

e_debug_draw 3

Different LOD levels are represented in different colors, so you can clearly see the transition between two LOD levels.
Also see the total number of LOD's and the one currently displaying. Blinking one shows up if the given object does not have an LOD.

e_debug_draw 5

Shows how many material IDs are in use on the given objects.

e_lod_min 0 - 6

Shows the specified LOD number as LOD0 - very handy for debugging LOD's in the engine.

This topic contains a tutorial for creating vehicles in Max that are designed to be used in the Sandbox Editor.