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This VCS works in conjunction with the Asset Browser and Level Explorer to allow modified assets, work files and levels from a project to be uploaded/downloaded from a repository, checked for previously made changes, and so on.




Manually updates the status of the selected version controlled assets/layers.

titleAsset Browser Tip

With View -> Show Details/Split Horizontally/Split Vertically active in the Asset Browser, the Version Control Status column also serves to reflect the status of all version controlled assets.

This column can further be used with search filters described in the Smart Smart & Advanced Search section of the Asset Browser document to make search queries specific to the status of these assets.

VC Status Column

titleLevel Explorer Tip

The statuses of all version controlled layers are indicated under the column of the Level Explorer.

Note that a layer is tracked by the Version Control System only once the corresponding level has been saved and the layer itself, written to disk as a .lyr file.

Get Latest

Retrieves the most recently modified version of the selected asset/layer file from the repository.

Check Out

Retrieves an asset or layer file from the repository to be worked upon locally; once Checked Out, a file will no longer be editable by other developers until local modifications have been Submitted or Reverted.


Discards all changes made to an asset/layer file and restores it to its last local version.

Revert if Unchanged

Performs the above Revert operation upon an asset/layer file, only if its contents haven't been modified.


Commits the selected locally modified assets, work files and layers to the repository.

The Submit... option displays a separate window that lists within it all locally modified assets, work files and layers, and allows users to tick which changes they'd like to commit (including deletions made, if any).

The submission process can only be completed after a description of changes performed have been entered in the text box provided within the Submit window.

Submit window



CRYENGINE's VCS automatically tracks which work files need to be added or deleted from the repository.

Whenever a new association is created between a checked out asset and a work file, the work file is added to the repository provided users choose to Submit... the new association via the Work Files' version control menu. 

In a similar fashion, when an association between an asset and work file is deleted, that work file will be permanently deleted from the repository only if no association exists between the work file and any other asset within the project. Please refer to the Associating Work Files to Assets section of the Asset Browser's Reference page for more information about adding work files to assets.