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Here are some general budgets recommended for use in CRYENGINE for various characters.

Please note that these are not strict rules that have to be exact, and in actual fact, can vary greatly depending on the project so it is important that your own budgets are determined early on.

 The polygon counts and texture resolutions of characters included in a project might vary greatly.

In order to assist users with determining the budgets of characters in a level, listed below are the typical poly counts/resolutions used by characters on the video game HUNT: Showdown.

Table of Contents


Polygon counts

Triangle Counts

Main/Story characters (a-level)

  • PC & Console: 9.5 to 11.5 thousand triangles (Including all body parts and attachments, except weapons).
  • Console and PC are using the same geometry.

Non-main characters (c-level)

  • PC: 3.5 to 16.5 thousand triangles.
  • Console: 1.2 to 8.0 thousand triangles.
  • On consoles LOD1 is loaded instead of LOD0, which is about 50% of PC polycount (in some cases LOD2).

Textures body (Diff/Spec/Normal)

Main characters (a-level)

  • PC: 1x 2048x2048
  • Console: 1x 1024x1024

    Hunters (Main Characters)

    The Hunters on HUNT: Showdown represent the primary characters of a level The typical triangle count used by these are as follows:

    • LOD0: 35,000 - 70,000 triangles.
    • LOD3: 5,000 - 8,000 triangles.

    Additionally the poly-counts of Hunters on HUNT: Showdown vary depending on their tier/experience level; a Hunter with more experience points from a higher tier will have significantly higher poly-counts, due to the amount of extra attachments and gear carried by them.


    Grunts (Non-primary Characters)

    Grunts are monsters on HUNT: Showdown, and represent the non-primary characters of a project. The typical triangle count used by them are as follows:

      • LOD0: 25,000 - 35,000 triangles.
      • LOD3: 4,000 - 5,000 triangles.

    Bosses (Special Characters)

    • LOD0: 25,000 - 45,000 triangles.
    • LOD3: 4,000 - 7,000 triangles.

    Texture Resolutions

    Hunters (Main Characters)

    Since Hunters on HUNT: Showdown are highly customizable, each of their body parts are assigned separate materials. The resolutions of these materials are as follows:

    Body Part

    Material Resolution


    1024 x1024

    Head (Wet)

    256 x 256

    Head (Overlay)

    4 x 4, White diffuse

    Head (Shale)

    4x4, White diffuse


    2048 x 2048


    512 x 512


    512 x 512


    512 x 512


    512 x 512


    4096 x 2048


    Side characters (c-level)

    • PC: 2x 1024x1024
    • Console: 2x 512x512

    Textures head (Diff/Spec/Normal)

    Main/Story characters (a-level):

    • PC: 1x 1024x1024
    • Console: 1x 512x512

    Side characters (c-level)

    • PC & Console: 1x 512x512


    • Shared among all characters.
    • Diffuse/Normal/Spec: 512x256


    • Try keep it minimal. It's better to combine several textures into one instead of having more smaller ones.
    • It would be helpful to check out Asset Performance Guidelines as it features more information on what causes drawcalls.


    This page will give you a breakdown of a recommended budget for characters which were used for Crytek's previous games.