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The tutorial is divided into four chapters and uses the free Audio Showcase Level that is available free of charge from the CRYENGINE marketplace; you .

You can choose to implement the tutorial via any of the supported middleware (SDL Mixer, FMOD Studio, Wwise), with since middleware-specific instructions , that where required, are described in each of the chapters where required, or you can could choose to skip the middleware-specific instructions steps altogether.or you can skip the middleware-specific instructions altogether.

Downloading and Installing Required Assets

Begin by downloading the package which contains the Audio Showcase Level files.




  • If you'd like to implement the middleware-specific steps outlined in this tutorial, please download the package which contains the source audio files for the SDL Mixer, FMOD Studio and Wwise sections.
  • If you prefer to skip the middleware implementations, download the package where the middleware-specific steps are already implemented.

In This Tutorial