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This document provides information on the Resource Compiler (often referred as "RC"). For most users, the RC is a tool that runs in the background.


Pic1: RC User Dialog Box for selecting the TIF to DDS Option.
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The RC Dialog can only be invoked when processing SRF and TIF files.


Pic2: A dialog showing version of the RC and folders.
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If you're looking for a more permanent/frequent-use solution, you can create a file called rc_options.txt inside the RC folder that is being used. This can be used to apply specific settings every time the RC is invoked. Below is an example:

Pic3: A sample rc_options.txt file.
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  • preview=0 will disable the image output preview in the CryTIF dialog. This allows working with high resolution images much faster as the preview image doesn't need to be processed.
  • userdialog=0 will disable the CryTIF dialog completely. This can be useful if you're working on a particular set of files that you know have been set correctly (their presets, resolutions, etc) and you want to make frequent adjustments without being bothered by the CryTIF dialog pop-up every time.