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The available options do the following.

Launch editor

Launches the Sandbox Editor associated with the project. You can then open a level from your project by going to File -> Open

Launch game

Launches game mode for this project.

Launch dedicated server

Launches the dedicated server associated with this project.

Package Build

Packages the project to a standalone build. All files that are required for the GameLauncher are moved into the build folder, together with the assets which are filtered and packaged into .pak files.


Make sure to compile the code and export the levels of your project to the Engine first. This function will not export the levels to the Engine, and it will not compile the code of your project. It will only package what is already available when you select the option Launch game.

Generate/repair metadata

Generates the metadata (.cryasset files) for the assets of the project.

Generate solution

Generates your code solution for C++ and C#. The solution will need to be regenerated if the project is moved to a new hard drive location.


For C++ projects this requires you to install Visual Studio and to create a C++ project in Visual Studio so that the C++ compiler is installed.


For C# projects you need the Xamarin Studio with the CRYENGINE plugin in order to be able to open the solution.

Open CMake GUI

Opens the CMake GUI at the location of the project. This requires a CMakelist.txt file to be in the code folder of the project. This can be used to adjust the CMake settings when generating the solution.

Switch engine version

Lets you change the Engine version you use for the project.

The Engine versions that appear in the drop-down menu are the versions that you have installed.

If you have downloaded an Engine version from GitHub, you can select it here by choosing Switch engine version and then clicking the Browse button in the menu that appears:

Browse button
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You can then browse to the location where you've saved that Engine version. This simply needs to point to the root folder of that CRYENGINE version.


This will only work with Engine versions from 5.2.0 and later.

Adding Console Variables and Console Commands