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The Tools package includes the CryExporter plugins for 3ds Max as well as CryMaxTools.
The CryExporter enables you directly export engine ready assets from within 3ds Max.

titleImportant Note

CryMaxtools are provided 'as is' - we do not provide documentation on functionality at this point. However, we are reworking the tools and might potentially distribute an updated version together with documentation.


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First Steps 
  1. Launch the CryMaxTools, open the Model tab and navigate to the Phys Proxy Tool rollout:
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  2. Set the Material ID spinner to the number of the sub-material that you want the proxy to use:
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  3. Select the Objects or SubObjects that you want to create a physics proxy for.
  4. Hit one of the buttons in the row of the Box button to create proxies.
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Parameters and Characteristics 

Known Limitations and Characteristics:

  • The Tool will only accept Editable Poly objects - everything else will be ignored.
  • If multiple Objects are selected, the tool will create a separate Phys Proxy for each of object selected.
  • The Box button will create a box around the Render Geometry without any rotation. It's a simple Axis Aligned Bounding Box.
    • The Aligned button will create a box that fits the Render Geometry as tightly as possible. It's an Object Aligned Bounding Box. This one works best in most cases.
    • The X, Y and Z buttons work similar to the Aligned button, but will allow the box to only rotate around one axis. This can be helpful when one wants to 'lock' the box to one axis.
  • The Algorithm used to find the minimum volume bounding box, is not 100% accurate. The script will literally rotate the box around until it's the smallest. While doing so, it tries to narrow down to the sweet-spot by continuously refining the search range. This can result in very few cases where it won't find the optimal aligned bounding box. Also very few cases may have multiple optimal orientations. In those cases, it can help to work with sub-object selections and the X, Y, Z buttons.
  • The buttons for Capsule, Cylinder, Sphere and Convex Hull are currently disabled. These features might be added later. 
  • The tool currently does not support undo/redo, so the user will need to delete the box manually if it's not satisfying.
  • When working with complex objects, it's best to work with sub-object selection to create multiple proxies, see image below:
    Image Removed

Installation via CryToolsInstaller

We recommend using the CryToolsInstaller to install all DCC tool packages, including 3dsMax. If you need to manually install them, follow the instructions in the sections below.


Before the installation of any plugins via CryToolsInstaller make sure to have setup your build information via the Settings Manager tool.

Manual Installation CryExporter


Plugin files can be found in the <root>\Tools\3dsmax\plugins\ folder. Copy the relevant plugin files (see list below) to the ...\plugins directory in the matching 3dsMax install folder (do not put it into the Stdplugs Folder).



3dsMax 2010

32 Bit


64 Bit


3dsMax 2011

32 Bit


64 Bit


3dsMax 2012

32 Bit


64 Bit


3dsMax 2013

32 Bit


64 Bit


3dsMax 2014

64 Bit


3dsMax 2015

64 Bit


3dsMax 201664 BitCryExport18_64.dlu

3dsMax 2017

64 Bit


3dsMax 2018

64 Bit


Manual Installation CryMaxTools


The CryMaxTools Maxscripts is a collection of tools coded in MAXScript for helping artists, modeling and animation staff to speed up their workflow.

The tools are separated into Animation, Artist, Morph and Rigging packages with user interface, menu entries and shortcuts.

CryMaxTools MAXScripts are available for the most recent versions of 3dsMax and will automatically choose the right version to load.

The script files can be found in the \Tools\CryMaxTools folder. The tools can be installed by copying the tools loader ( into \Scripts\Startup of the 3dsMax root directory. After restarting 3dsMax the tools should load automatically.

To uninstall the tools, delete the "" file located in the \Scripts\Startup folder of the 3ds Max directory.


Creating and fitting physics proxies is usually a cumbersome and time-consuming process. To speed up the process, we created a maxscript tool that will autonomously create a box-proxy and attempt to fit it to the render-geometry as tightly as possible. The CryToolBox is installed automatically when you select 3dsMax from the menu when running the CryToolsInstaller.exe from the tools folder.

First StepsFirst Steps
Parameters and CharacteristicsParameters and Characteristics




Base name for the proxies to be created. "$physics_proxy" is the current engine-default.


Additional user string for the Proxy's User Defined Properties. Separate by spaces. See here for details. 

Material ID

Sets the Material ID that will be applied to the Box Proxy.

Proxy per Element

When enabled, the tool will create a separate Proxy for each Element of the Editable Poly.

Size Bias

Enlarge created proxy by so many centimeters on each axis. Use to compensate for imprecision, to ensure that the render mesh is fully encapsulated.

Error Threshold

The script will stop refining the box alignment when the last iteration shrunk the box's diagonal by less than "so" many centimeters.

Realtime Preview

When on, a semi-transparent box will be displayed to visualize how the script refines its alignment to find the smallest possible box. It can be fun to watch, but will also slow down the process.


安装 3ds Max 工具

3ds Max 工具包包括以下工具:

  • 3ds Max 导出器
  • CryMaxTools + AnimTools

3DS Max 导出器


3ds Max 932 位CryExport9.dlu
3ds Max 964 位CryExport9_64.dlu
3ds Max 200832 位CryExport10.dlu
3ds Max 200864 位CryExport10_64.dlu
3ds Max 200932 位CryExport11.dlu
3ds Max 200964 位CryExport11_64.dlu
3ds Max 201032 位CryExport12.dlu
3ds Max 201064 位CryExport12_64.dlu
3ds Max 201132 位CryExport13.dlu
3ds Max 201164 位CryExport13_64.dlu
3ds Max 201232 位CryExport14.dlu
3ds Max 201264 位CryExport14_64.dlu


  • 可在文件夹{{<root>\Tools}}中找到插件文件。复制相关插件文件(见上述列表)至匹配的 3ds Max 安装文件夹中的{{...\plugins}}目录中(不要放在 Stdplugs 文件夹中)。
  • 设置*根路径*,在*选项* -> *CryENGINE 设置*下方。

该路径应该直接定位到您的 CryENGINE SDK 中运行夹文件的根。您还可在{{\Tools\SettingsMgr.exe.}}中设置根路径


CryTools Max 脚本是帮助艺术家在 MAXScript 中被编码的工具集合,建模并动画来加快它们的工作流程。这些工具分为有用户界面、菜单选项和快捷键的“动画”、“艺术家”、“变形”和“装备包”。CryTools MAX 脚本支持 Max 的最新版本并将自动选择加载正确的版本。


脚本文件可在文件夹{{\Tools\CryMaxTools}}中找到。通过初始化 copyToMax.bat 然后指定安装在 3DS Max 中的驱动器号可快速安装工具。这将复制工具加载器 ( 至相关文件夹,但也可通过复制它至 3ds Max 根目录的{{\Scripts\Startup}}手工完成。重启 Max 后,将自动加载工具。

若要卸载工具,删除位于 3ds Max 目录的{{\Scripts\Startup}}文件夹中的 "" 文件。