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In this tutorial, we will be using our Merged Mesh system and show you the process of how to setup bendable grass blades. Merged Meshes are mainly used to handle areas with dense numbers of vegetation objects like big fields of grass. Merged Meshes also allow the usage of a rope based bending effect. Ropes get generated for each asset instance that bends upon impact.

Contrary to bone based setups like Touch Bending, ropes can be cheaper and get affected through the global wind and our Breeze Generation system. Large fields of grass are perfect examples to showcase this type of technology since each asset instance can be merged into bigger clusters through the merged mesh system. So for this tutorial, we will create two simple grass plane assets as a base for a dense overgrown grass field.


Source 3dsMax scene with exported CRYENGINE files:


Pre-requisites for this Tutorial


For this tutorial, we will be creating our asset in the following directory. 

  • <GameFolder><Your_Project>\Assets\Objects\tutorial\vegetation\02\grass\merged_mesh\


Pic3: 3dsMax overview of the finished model


First, we will configure the material for the object. In 3dsMax, open the Material Editor. Create , and create a new Multi-SubObject material with one SubId called tutorial_merged_mesh


Even though, we are using one material SubID, it is better if you follow the standard convention with all our other asset setups, of using a Multi-SubObject material.                     


The example file refers to the following provided tutorial texture: 

  • <GameFolder><Your_Project>\Assets\objects\tutorial\vegetation\02\grass\merged_mesh\tutorial_merged_mesh_diff.tif>


Export out the material

Now, we have configured the material for the object with its standard properties.

  1. Make sure you have the correct material selected in the material editor.
  2. And you are at the root level of the material (not inside the SubID).
  3. In the CRYENGINE exporter, click the Create Material button. Save this into the same directory as the object:
  • <GameFolder><Your_Project>\Assets\Objects\tutorial\vegetation\02\grass\merged_mesh\tutorial_merged_mesh.mtl>


Create a single plane mesh for your first grass patch, divide up the shape into a similar polygon configuration (and assign ID1), and apply the material that we have just created to it (tutorial_merged_mesh.mtl). Use the Unwrap UVW modifier to adjust its UV shell to only fit around one of the grass patches on the texture. Create a copy of your mesh and move its UV shell to a different grass patch through another Unwrap UVW modifier . (See Pic5 and Pic6).

Adapt the shape of both meshes to their applied textures. Finally name your 2 grass objects as: