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This tutorial covers the process of Generating a Visual Studio solution for the Engine itself, configuring the engine components we want, as well as some important tips you should know when building the engine, then finally we compile, register and test our new custom-built engine by using a stock template project. Topics covered:

  • 00:09 Downloading CRYENGINE Source Code From GitHub
  • 02:08 Cloning the CRYENGINE Repository
  • 03:27 Downloading Required SDKs
  • 04:34 Using CMake To Choose Components To Install
  • 04:56 Installing the FBX SDK
  • 07:50 Selecting Optional Components
  • 08:54 Generating a Solution and Opening Project
  • 09:22 Getting to Know the Engine Modules in Visual Studio
  • 10:09 Choosing a Configuration Method
  • 11:31 Building the Engine
  • 12:09 Connecting Build to a Launcher Project
  • 12:49 Registering In the Project Management System
  • 15:31 Creating a Launcher Project and Assigning to Build

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