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This tool is used to draw a disc with 'n' edges and 'r' radius on a surface.



How many edges will be created

It should be more than 3.

RadiusA radius of a disc

How to Use

Place a cursor where the center of the disc is going to be located and then click LMB.

Move a mouse to define a radius of the disc and then click LMB.

You can specify Subdivision and Radius in the Disc Attributes panel once a disc is drawn until you start to act an another behavior.


If the new disc is drawn overlapping other polygons, the disc will be splitted along edges in the polygons going across the disc.

(In the middle of drawing a disc)

(After a disc drawn, the overlapped polygons have been splitted along edges.)

You can modify the the drawn disc with various other tools in the CryDesigner(e.g. Extrude, Offset, Move tools etc)

(An example of using "Extrude Tool" to drawn discs)




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