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How to Use

The first one is the Mirror tool. This function is almost same as the mirror modifier in the “Blender”. You will be able to mirror a mesh along an arbitrary plane as well as its local X, Y or Z axis plane with this tool.

If you start to decide to use the mirror tool, you should put a mirror plane and select which axis will be used as a mirror plane with the translation or rotation Gizmo and then press the “Apply” button in the Mirror tool panel.

Apply - Split a mesh by a mirror plane and copy the half part to the other part and then start the mirror editing.
After clicking the button, All buttons except for "Freeze" will be disabled until you clicking "Freeze" button.

Invert - Invert a direction of the mirror plane. You can check that the arrow direction changes after pressing
this button.

Center Pivot - Move the pivot position to the center of the bound box.

Align X, Align Y and Align Z - Align Mirror plane by X axis, Y axis or Z axis.

Freeze - After you finish mirror editing and freeze the current geometry, you should press this button.
Then the mirrored part will come to the general part and you can edit the part separately.

Mirror tool Panel


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