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Materials can be assigned to each face differently and it is also possible to manipulate uv coordinates with gizmos with this tool.

How To Use

Absolute Offset“Absolute”, the parameters is set to solid directly.
Relative Scale“Relative”, the values is added to the existing parameters in Solid.
Pick from Selected FacePick settings from the selected surface.
Fit TextureFits texture to selected surfaces.
Tiling XChanges texture tilling on selected surfaces in the X direction.
Tiling YChanges texture tilling on selected surfaces in the Y direction.
ResetResets texture settings on selected surfaces to default.
Face Material 
MatIDSets number of MatID.
SelectSelects all surfaces with that MatID.
AssignAssigns MatID to selected surfaces.

Assign a sub material to the selected faces

Select faces you want to assign materials.

Choose a sub-material in the Material Editor and click  button on the left corner of the material editor.

See the result in the below picture.

If any faces aren't selected, the material will be assigned to all the faces.

Manipulate the UV coordinates with the Gizmos.

Translate the uv coordinates with the move gizmo.

Rotate the uv coordinates with the rotation gizmo.

Scale the uv coordinates with the scale gizmo.




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