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The Extrude function was formerly known as "Push/Pull" and was renamed in CRYENGINE 3.5.7.


This tool provides a powerful function to push or pull the selected face so you can expand a 2D surface to a 3D shape.

How to Use

Place a cursor on a face which you would like to push or pull.

Drag a mouse holding LMB in a normal direction of the selected face.

Release LMB to finish the extrusion


Automatic boundary checks.

  1. While you push or pull the selected face and it meets another faces which is opposite the selected one, pushing or pulling the one will be stopped. If you release LMB at the time, the part overlapped by the opposite faces will be removed.

    (While pushing).

    (While pulling).

  2. While the selected face is pulled or pushed and it reaches a face, which will be next to the selected one and has the same normal direction with the selected one, the pushing or pulling will be stopped.
    If you want to push/pull further, you should start on doing again.
    (While pulling)

Alignment with an another face having the same normal direction with the selected one.

Holding SHIFT and pointing out an another face with the same normal direction while extruding the selected face, the height of the selected one will be aligned with the pointed one.

Resizing the selected face before starting an extrusion.

Before starting on extrusion, you can resize the selected face holding SHIFT and moving a mouse and then push or pull it as follows.

Repeating the previous extrusion.

If you double-click a face, the previous push or pull behavior will be repeated.

This first selected face was pulled by dragging a mouse.

The second selected face was pulled by double-clicking LMB so the previous behavior has been repeated.


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