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This tool takes a face and creates an inset of the selected face in an easy way.

How to Use


  1. Place a mouse cursor on a face and move it up and down holding LMB to create a resized face.
  2. Release LMB to create an inset face.

Bridge Edges

With "Bridge Edges" checked on the property panel the vertex pairs between each vertex of the selected face and corresponding vertex of the inset face will be connected.

Repeat the previous action

Alt+LMB on a polygon will repeat the previous action as follows.

Multiple Offset

Multiple Offset is available from the 3.8.6

The offset can be also applied to multiple polygons as follows.

  1. Select polygons you want to apply offset
  2. Drag the mouse on one of the selected polygon after entering the offset tool.
  3. Release the mouse.
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