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There are two main methods of achieving rain within CRYENGINE. The Rain Entity was introduced in version 3.3 and has been updated with several new features in 3.5. This entity has the advantage of handling object occlusion and applying a wet effect to all affected areas of the world.

Alternatively, if you want more control over the visual look of the rain in the world then it is still possible to add rain to the world using a particle effect with the correct configuration.

Rain Entity

The Rain entity is found under the Environment folder in the Entity Rollup Bar.




DEPRECATED - Can be used to create an umbrella around the player/camera shielding them from the rain.


Set the speed at which the rain drops travel.


Set the brightness or backlighting of the rain drops.


Set the amount of rain drops that can be seen in the air.


Set the radius, or coverage area, of the rain effect.


Set the strength and frequency of the puddles generated by the rain (offset PuddlesAmount).


Set the strength of the puddle mask to balance different puddle results.


Set the strength (depth and brightness) of puddles generated by the rain.


DEPRECATED - Set the maximum height at which mist can appear on distant surfaces.


DEPRECATED - Set the amount of mist that appears on surfaces (distant, subtle effect).


Continue to render rain when player is inside a visarea.


DEPRECATED - Set the amount of reflection that is applied to the surfaces in the world.


DEPRECATED - Set the amount of glossiness/wetness that is applied to the surfaces in the world.


Set this to true/false to turn the rain effect on/off.


Don't check if object should be occluded from rain (is under cover).


DEPRECATED - This sets the color of the rain effect.


Set the overall amount of the rain entity's various effects.


PuddlesMaskAmount = 0PuddlesMaskAmount = 1
PuddlesRippleAmount = 2PuddlesRippleAmount = 100
DisableOcclusion = FalseDisableOcclusion = True
SplashesAmount = 1.3SplashesAmount = 1000
MistAmount = 3MistAmount = 1000 (background rocks)

Rain Particle Effects

Drag and drop the ParticleEffect entity into your level from the Particle tab of the DataBase View: weather.Rain.space_loop

It is not advised to drag a particle entity from the RollupBar as Particle emitters need the Y axis to face up. Dragging and dropping directly from the Particle Editor has Y up as default.

The settings for how the particle functions can be adjusted via its property settings on the Particle tab of the DataBase View.

Adjust the Count, Emitter Life Time, Spawn Delay and other properties to adjust the size and speed of the rain particles.

If you wish to limit rain to certain areas of your level, simply trigger the Particle Effect via Flow Graph and an area trigger so that when the player enters/leaves an area, it enables/disables the particle.

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