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When performing batch conversion of assets using the RC (see parent article) you can choose to perform XML conversion to binary format.

Binary XML conversion takes an input XML file, parses it, and stores the node tree in a binary format.


  • Smaller file size
  • Faster to read at runtime


  • Not human-readable
  • Not human-editable


In your Job XML file (see parent article), add a <Job> XML block in the <ConvertJob> group like follows:

<Properties source_folder="..."/>
<Properties target_folder="..."/>
<Properties xml_types="..."/>
<!-- For SDK conversion, we use xml_types="*.animevents;*.animsettings;*.adb;*.bspace;*.cdf;*.chrparams;*.comb;*.dlg;*.ent;*.fsq;*.fxl;*.ik;*.json;*.lmg;*.mtl;*.setup;*.xml;*.node;*.veg" -->
	<!-- Add a job similar to this -->
	<Job sourceroot="${source_folder}" input="${xml_types}" targetroot="${target_folder}" overwriteextension="xml" xmlfilter="xmlfilter.txt" />

In this example, the file 'xmlfilter.txt' is referenced, this file is located in Bin64\RC\xmlfilter.txt
This file controls which files are converted, and how. 

The 'overwriteextension' property is used to force the files matching the input-set to be evaluated as if they were XML files (see parent document, on 'overwriteextension')



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