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A clean and stable image is very important for the perceived graphics quality. CRYENGINE offers a highly efficient post-processing based anti-aliasing (AA) solution that can be controlled with the CVar r_AntialiasingMode. Anti-Aliasing and its effectiveness can vary from user to user as some prefer a very sharp image, whilst others prefer a blurrier image, this is why we ship with several options to suit the users needs.

In addition to the post-processing based AA, CRYENGINE also supports supersampling for very high quality rendering. 




No AASMAA Low (1X)

SMAA Med (1TX)SMAA High (2TX)


Below is a table that lists the currently used AA modes within CRYENGINE, all are variations of the CVar r_AntialiasingMode.


AA Mode



No Anti-Aliasing


Disables post-processing based anti-aliasing. Mostly useful for debugging.

SMAA_Low (1X)


Enables Subpixel Morphological Anti-Aliasing (SMAA) which removes jaggies (staircase artifacts) at polygon edges.

SMAA_Med (1TX)


Enables SMAA with basic temporal re-projection to reduce pixel crawling.

SMAA_High (2TX)


Enables SMAA with an enhanced temporal re-projection including matrix jittering. Usually this mode provides the best image quality but can suffer from some occasionally flickering edges.



In addition to the post-processing based AA, CRYENGINE supports supersampling for very high quality rendering. Supersampling renders the scene at a higher resolution and downscales the image in the end to obtain smooth and stable edges. Due to the high internal rendering resolution, supersampling is very performance heavy and only suitable for high end PCs.


r_supersampling 0/1Disables supersampling (default = 1)
r_supersampling 2Enables 2x2 supersampling


Supersampling can also be used in combination with the post-processing based AA to further improve image quality.



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