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The Magnet tool has been disabled from 3.8.6 because this tool was merged to the Lathe tool.



This tool is similar to the Vertex Snapping tool but it works with faces in the designer object. A vertex of a face consisting of a designer object can be snapped to an another vertex to the designer object using this tool.

The Magnet tool can be combined with The lathe tool very well to position the profile cutout.

How to Use

  1. Select a face you want to snap with the face selection tool. The selected face and the face having a target vertex of the selected face should be in the same designer object.

  2. Enter Magnet tool in the menu panel.

  3. Select a vertex you want snap. The blue boxes are the vertices consisting of the selected face and the green boxes are points of a bounding rectangle surrounding the face.

  4. Select a vertex indicating the up direction. This up direction helps the selected face to be aligned with the snapped vertex.

  5. Position the selected face to an another vertex of the designer object. The object will be aligned to the selected vertex. Holding shift, the alignment will be ignored.

    if you want to switch sides of the selected face, press CTRL.

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