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As of version of CryEngine 3.7 the CryEngine Audio system was replaced  with the new CryEngine Audio Translation Layer , allowing choice of which middleware you use with CryEngine.


The documentation in this chapter refers to the now deprecated versions of CryEngine < 3.7. and is relevant only if using older versions of CryEngine.

Should you wish to use Fmod as your audio middleware, with the latest version  of CryEngine ≥3.7.

Please refer to , ATL for Programmers ,for information on creating an Audio System Implementation, and contact FMOD to license the version of their audio middleware  software you choose.

In This Topic

  • Dialog SystemWill tell you all about player and AI dialogs and how they are handled.
  • General Audio topicsServes as category for things related to both and has a focus on profiling and performance.
  • Music SystemWill cover the same topics regarding anything music-wise.
  • Sound SystemWill tell you all about sounds and their setup and integration with the engine.
  • The FMOD DesignerThe FMOD Designer gives sound designers an enormous amount of freedom and hides all the small details from game programmers and level designers.
  • Training SlidesThe attached PowerPoint presentation is used for training purposes and provides a helpful overview.

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