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The box tool is so nice that you can easily create a simple level with only this tool. You can create boxes successively on any surfaces, which will be merged with the existing geometry very well without producing unnecessary and invisible faces. Moreover if this tool is used with the snapping on, making a level which consists of uniform blocks will be far easier.


WidthThe width of a box
HeightThe height of a box
DepthThe depth of a box

How to Use

Position a cursor to a place where you want to start to create a box and start to drag a mouse holding LMB to create a bottom rectangle.

Release a LMB and raise a height of the box moving a mouse in a normal direction of the bottom rectangle.

Click a LMB to finish creating the box. Until starting an another action, you can modify "Width", "Height" and "Depth" of the already created box in the "Box Attributes" panel on the RollupBar.


If you start to create a box on an another object or a terrain, the new box will belong into an another new designer object.
If not namely it is created on a surface of the selected designer object, the new box will belong into the selected designer object as the following pictures.


Holding Shift when raising a height of a box and positioning a cursor to an another face with the same normal direction, the height will be aligned with the pointed face.

Boundary Check

If the created box meets a blocker while raising a height as followings, the height won't get beyond the blocker automatically.

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