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This tool provides a way of a sphere creation in a designer object.


SubdivisionHow many faces will be created
RadiusThe radius of a sphere

How to Use

A way of creating a sphere is similar to a way of drawing a circle. At first position a cursor where you want the bottom center of the new sphere to be located and then click LMB.

Move a mouse to draw a circle to create a sphere fitting into the circle.

Click LMB to finish creating a sphere.

After creating a sphere and until entering an another action, you can modify the created sphere by changing properties on the Sphere Attributes panel in Rollupbar.


If you start on creating a sphere on a surface of the selected designer object, the sphere will be made in a normal direction of the surface and will belong to the selected designer object.

If the starting point isn't on a surface in the selected designer object, the new sphere will be separated with the selected designer object.

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