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This tool has a capability to create a cylinder in a designer object.


SubdivisionHow many edges of a disc will be created
HeightThe height of a cylinder
RadiusThe radius of a disc

How to Use

Position a cursor to a point where you want to start to create a cylinder and click LMB.

Create a bottom disc by moving a mouse and click LMB after drawing a disc

Raise a mouse cursor in a normal direction of the disc to create a cylinder and click LMB to finish the creation.

Modify attributes in the cylinder attributes panel on RollupBar if necessary.


If the starting point is on a surface in the selected designer object, the new cylinder will belong into the selected designer object.


Holding Shift when raising a height of a cylinder and positioning a cursor to an another face with the same normal direction, the height will be aligned with the pointed face.

Boundary Check

If the created cylinder meets a blocker while raising a height as followings, the height won't get beyond the blocker automatically.


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