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The Shortcuts Tool will be available starting from CRYENGINE 3.8.1


The 'Shortcuts' tool is used to bind each tool in CryDesigner to specific key combinations so that you can access each tool quickly.

How to Use

The 'Shortcuts' table in the UI consists of three columns, each column from left represents "Tool Name", "First Key" and "Second Key".

The First Key comprises  "EMPTY", "CTRL", "SHIFT" and "CTRL+SHIFT"  and the Second Key can be specified out of one of virtual keys listed in the Combo Box.

The Second Key should be set in order that it will be valid but the First Key can be empty.

If the key combination you defined already exists in the shortcut storage of Editor, a warning message will be brought up with a specific info in the console window to help you solve the duplication issue.

When you press RMB on the Shortcut window, a pop-up menu will be brought up which has some helper functions. The filter function among them is very useful to find a tool you want to modify as follows.

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