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The Dynamic Response System (DRS) is a modern approach to create realistic sounding dialog based on the current state of a dynamic game environment. Dialog lines are not hard coded by a programmer or content integrator but defined by narrative designers as responses to specific events in the game. Each response can check a variety of conditions to figure out the best fitting dialog line for the specific situation. This decoupling of game logic and dialog logic also allows editing the dialog independent from the actual game logic.  




Game Logic

Anything that is used to create the actual gameplay such as Code, Flowgraph, Script, Cutscenes, and etc.

Content Integrator

A person who creates the game logic, for example, Level Designer or Gameplay Programmer.


Any form of spoken feedback, from short dialog to very long dialogs with multiple speakers. Can also include other effects like animation's talk, particles, sounds and everything that is connected to the dialog line(s).

Narrative designer

The people who create the actual dialog lines (Not the game designers).

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