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This section covers how to setup simple animated geometry. *.cga's can be used in a wide variety of situations, from single one-shot animations to complex setups such as vehicles with multiple animations. 

Rules for CGA's & Exporting Animations

  • Transform controllers must be converted to tension-continuity-bias (TCB), for both position and rotation tracks.
  • *.cga animations (*.anm) do not support compression!
  • If the object only requires 1 animation, then this will be stored within the *.cga file as the Default animation.
  • The Default animation will be the entire timeline.
  • Multiple animations for the same object must be saved & exported out as *.anm files. These have to follow a strict naming convention.
    • Must be prefixed with the *.cga's name. 
      Correct: hmmwv_door_left_front_enter.anm
      Incorrect:  door_left_front_enter.anm
  • The first underscore within the filename denotes the start of the animation name in the engine. 
  • When inside the Character Tool, and when previewing the *.cga's animations, only the animation name is shown and not the entire filename.

Pic1: Note the filename difference between the actual filename in the .pak file vs. what is seen in the Character Tool


Depending on the DCC tool used - the links below show you how to setup *.cga's. 

Distinction between a Maya CGA export and Max CGA export

3ds Max:
A *.cga file exported from Maya always needs at least ONE *.anm file to have animation, so make use of the "Anim Manager" to set at least a time range of a "default" animation.A "default" named animation is always inside the *.cga file exported from Max. You don't need to export an *.anm file separately.
Maya scene hierarchy for *.cga is more complex than in Max. This involves adding "*_helper" group node(s) and a standard material export. First, this is because the "*_helper" node acts as the ROOT and any root node may not have any animations.Straightforward scene hierarchy.
Naming of your Maya groups, the "cryExportNode"(s) especially, is important for your *.cga and animation file names. Since Maya depends on names (the string value), you must consider this when building the export hierarchy.Naming of your *.cga object and its animation (and at long last, your *.cga & *.anm files) is critical when it involves multiple *.cga animations.
Only the "*_group" nodes in your Maya scene hierarchy can hold animation data (animCurves). Any other animated transform node will be ignored in the *.cga export.Convert your "Animation Controllers" to TCB-type Controllers before export. This may include baking the animation frame-by-frame and collapsing any layered controllers (List Controllers!).
Exporting multiple animations is straightforward using "Anim Manager".Current *.cga export for Max is a bit awkward with the CRYENGINE Export utility when it comes to generating multiple *.anm files.

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