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Getting Started

Video Tutorials


Onboarding familiarizes you with the basics of CRYENGINE V. You'll be guided through the basic steps that describe the most commonly used tools and features in the Sandbox Editor.

Watching these videos will introduce you to the basic concepts and workflows to become a master at using CRYENGINE V. Tutorials will be constantly updated so keep checking in for more sample content.

Source code access is provided to any users via Github who have a standard Github account. You can then fork and build Engine or Editor source code for your development. 


User Manual Sections

AI and Navigation

Behavior and movement


  Characters and NPC's


Asset preparation


  Audio setup and entities



Entities and Tools

 Build complex modular entities


 Input and starting equipment

In-editor Modeling

Whitebox your levels


Real-time lighting




Materials and their settings


Dynamic scenes and attachments


Node graph visual scripting

User Interface (HUD/Menu)

Create complex interfaces