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Animation Quick Start

In this Animation Quick Start we will learn how to create a basic character and apply an animation! After learning these steps and completing the task you can then go on to more difficult topics like Blendspaces or Mannequin for player functionality.



Pic: SDK Player Character Tool

Animation Overview

Many consider the character pipeline to be one of the most diverse in how it combines so many features to make your player or NPCs as dynamic as possible. This includes the input and movement that blends a players animation set together to move over the terrain. The complexity can range from IK systems that constrain movement for aiming/terrain to the details needed to pull off realistic facial animations in your cinematic sequences.


Pic: Mannequin Flow Graph

Animation Reference

The animation system has various ways to debug in the tools as well as on the viewport. Important animation systems like terrain foot alignment require visual debugging on the screen through variables. These types of references are located within this section to help you understand why your object is deforming improperly or ignoring the object collision around him.


Pic: Bspace Overview

Animation Tutorials

With the animation pipeline we have numerous tutorials going over specific topics such as creating a basic character definition file or assembly of blendspaces. The tools used in the videos are solely concerning the Character Tool and Mannequin Animation Editor. Also some of the tutorials contained in the listing are from the vault we have internally, but still give good reference to methods in the toolsets over time.











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