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Cinematics Quick Start

In this Animation Quick Start we will learn how to create a basic character and apply an animation! After learning these steps and completing the task you can then go on to more difficult topics like Blendspaces or Mannequin for player functionality.

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Cinematics Overview

The cinematics tool located within CRYENGINE is named Track View and allows for complex cutscenes or keyframed animation events. The diversity of this tool means it allows for more versatilty with your camera and depth of field (DOF). Or that you need to cut from camera to camera within a sequence. The options are there to play out your cutscene or render the output for usage elsewhere.



Cinematics Reference

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Cinematics Tutorials

The following cinematics tutorials cover the basics of working out a scene within CRYENGINE. The topics include switching the camera and having a complex parenting system for a dolly. Another focus within the tutorials list is the ability to render your output within CRYENGINE to be used external of the Editor.

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Track View Content Example

Derbil Cinematic

Robinson Android





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