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Modeling Tool Quick Start

In this Designer Tool Quick Start we will learn how to make a basic house model with a door and chimney! After learning these steps and completing the task you can then go on to more difficult topics like UVing geometry.



Pic: Cave Scene

Modeling Overview

CRYENGINE by default ships with a complex modeling toolset built directly within the Editor. Keep in mind this will never replace other products like Maya but it will allow for designers to whitebox scenes with the geometry available to be exported for refining. The tool allows for modeling and uv'ing of your geometry with additional options like arrays and resetting of an objects transforms/xform.


Pic: Advanced Toolset

Modeling Reference

At its core the Designer Tool is split into two logical parts being the modeling and then the UVing toolset for a complete pipeline. Within these two reference areas you will find everything required to know how to model/edit/uv/texture/export your whiteboxed geometry in your scene.

Designer Tool Modeling

Designer Tool UV



Modeling Tutorials

The Designer Tool itself can be used to craft any type of geometry and also it can be used to create interaction samples. In the below tutorials you will get a complete overview on how to use it for primitive blocking and finalizing in a scene.

Rope Bridge Sample

Designer Tool Demo Part 1

Designer Tool Demo Part 2




Chinese Garden

Office Space

Old Truck






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