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Unwrapping Functions

Basically polygons in a Designer object have to be manually unwrapped to give them UV coordinates. To do that first select the polygons that you want to unwrap and select from PlaneCubeSphereCylinder or View buttons in the UV Mapping Editor. The selected polygons will be wrapped to the UV mapping view and the current sub material ID will be assigned to them.

Pic3: Unwrapping functions


A plane projection whose normal direction is determined by one among the X, Y, Z or the average direction of the selected polygons is used to unwrap polygons.

  1. Select the desired polygons
  2. Select the projection direction (next to the Cylinder button)
  3. Click the Plane button

Pic4: Plane projection with average projection direction

If you select multiple polygon groups that are separated from one another, then UV islands (as many as the selected polygon groups) will be created as shown below.

REPLACE can't seem to reproduce, groups on top of each other on left. (Me neither - I think this is not valid info or a bug - needs investigation)

3 polygon groups create 3 UV islands


A projected direction, of each selected polygon will be determined by the closest direction among Up(0,0,1), Down(0,0,-1), Left(-1,0,0), Right(1,0,0), Forward(0,1,0) and Back(0,-1,0). If a normal direction of a polygon is directed toward (0.4082,0.4082,0.8164), then the polygon will be projected toward the Up direction.

REPLACE Is it correct that it now shows only 4 projections on the left? (It shows 5, but it's incorrect. I think it might be the same bug as above with packing)


All selected polygons will be projected to a plane whose normal direction is in the camera's viewing direction.



UVs will be determined by spherical coordinates.

Pic8: Sphere projection


UVs will be determined by cylindrical coordinates.

Pic9: Cylinder projection

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