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CRYENGINE by default includes a User Analytics System (UAS). We have done this so that we can collect custom Sandbox Editor and Game Launcher events. By collecting user data such as;

  • Which Sandbox tools are used the most
  • Which Sandbox tools are not used very often
  • Which Sandbox tools are not used at all
  • How often are users affected by crashes
  • What are average loading times

We will be more aware of the CRYENGINE user experience and therefore better able to direct our technical development to the needs of our users.

The following CVars are supported in UAS:

sys_UserAnalyticsCollect=1Enables UAS in CRYENGINE.
sys_UserAnalyticsCollect=0Disables UAS in CRYENGINE.
sys_UserAnalyticsLogging=1Enables the CRYENGINE to log the user data.
sys_UserAnalyticsLogging=0Disables logging of the user data.

Please be assured that all the data we collect will only be used for the purpose of improving the user experience of CRYENGINE.

Finally, implementation details can be found on GitHub.

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