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Launcher Version 1.6.6

Landing Page

  • Fixed: Issue Reporter: User unable to delete attached file - attached file can now be removed.  
  • Fixed: Issue Reporter: User can open multiple "Report an Issue" modal windows - only one "Report an Issue" modal window can now be opened at a time.  
  • Tweaked: Issue Reporter: Maximize button on "Report an Issue" modal window not working properly - maximize button has been removed. 
  • Tweaked: A notification message now identifies that a users previously purchased asset has been updated by the vendor and the update is available for user download.   


  • New: Asset Buttons:  Renamed "install" button to "download". 
  • Fixed: Imported projects were not being named correctly - imported projects are now named correctly.
  • Refactored: The naming process of a new project has been simplified.
  • Refactored: Selection of the location of a project (where it will be stored/saved on the hard-drive) has been simplified.
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