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Why is DDS Important?

There is a large difference between the memory consumption of a vector image compared to that of a bitmap asset, therefore you are given a specific workflow and flag to set the files to compile out to DDS (DirectDrawSurface). If you do not do this you will notice that the files will compile out to the TGA (Targa) format and be larger in size which may possibly crash the Sandbox if the memory becomes too much. This simple breakdown will show you the preferred steps to set the flag and compile out your textures properly for a Flash UI.

Steps for Compiling DDS Images

  1. Insert the CRYENGINE Logo which is attached to Layer 1 on your Stage in your Flash file.

  2. Locate the folder in which we compiled our GFx file out prior and create a shortcut of the executable. 

  3. Within the executable shortcut's properties, enclose the Target path in double quotes and append the -i DDS flag to it in order to force DDS compilation.

    Only the path should be enclosed in double quotes, not the -i DDS flag.

  4.     Drag your SWF file over the exporter to compile your textures and export to DDS in the same directory.

Video Tutorial

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