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Overview - CRYENGINE 5.4.0 Preview 2

We are very pleased to bring you the 5.4.0 Preview 2 release. This is a “hot-fix” preview release where we have addressed a number of issues identified by you our community.

As always we welcome further feedback and comments through our normal channels.

Accessing the 5.4.0 Preview 2 Release

  1. Go to
  2. Download
  3. Unzip it somewhere and open the directory “CRYENGINE_preview_5.4.0.98_pc”
  4. Double-click on “InstallEngine.bat"

Code Interface Changes

For more information, see the Important CRYENGINE 5.4 Data and Code Changes (5.4 Preview Releases)* article.

If you are upgrading from CRYENGINE 5.3, please read this topic: Migrating from CRYENGINE 5.3 to CRYENGINE 5.4 (5.4 Preview Releases)*.


Animation General

  • Fixed: (Renderer) Crash when 8-weight compute skinning is selected.


Engine General

  • Fixed: Crash caused by inactive cameras not being correctly disabled.
  • Fixed: Input component doesn't register multiple input groups properly.
  • Fixed: PoolAllocator was choosing non-power-of-2 alignment for some type sizes.
  • Fixed: Schematyc package not being de-registered - prevents possible crash on shutdown.
  • Fixed: Issue where during load, Components are created and initialized sequentially, instead of being created in one batch and then initialized.


  • Refactored: Deprecate macros that create GUIDs from two integers.
  • Refactored: Unify CryGUID conversions from and to string.
  • Optimized: Remove CryGUIDHelper.


  • Fixed: Where changed CMake options for Vulkan and HRTF weren't reflected by the CMake GUI. Additionally fixed runtime file deployment of PortAudio dlls.
  • Tweaked: Add VS2017 options to cry_cmake.
  • Tweaked: Modify Win32 and Win64 batch files to allow both VS2015 or VS2017 for building.


  • Fixed: Crash when using Entity:SpawnArchetype in a new project not using the legacy IGame interface.
  • Fixed: Possible crash when retrieving game token if graph was null.


  • Optimized: Flowgraph integration - currently too unstable due to not implementing Flowgraph events correctly.
  • Fixed: Schematyc Entity Components being created and initialized sequentially, instead of being created in one batch and then initialized.



  • Fixed: Possible crash if managed plugin class was removed.
  • Fixed: Crash during startup if plugin domain failed to initialize.
  • Fixed: Crash if compilation of C# source files in assets directory failed.


Editor General

  • New: Use mobile GPUs instead of CPU for rendering.
  • Fixed: (Terrain) Ocean not visible after resizing the terrain.
  • Fixed: Crash when trying to detach individual objects from a prefab through the properties panel.
  • Fixed: Possible crash caused by the ability to undo selection of an invalid layer.
  • Fixed: (FG) Crash when using undo/redo often (after adding a node) causes crash.
  • Fixed: Object tree in Prefabs Library collapses after placing a prefab.
  • Fixed: Opening any selection window once causes the property panel to flicker/redraw on each change.
  • Fixed: (FG) Crash when using "q" to quickly (when adding a node) causes an instant crash.
  • Fixed: Default Entity icon being shown for Entities with helpers.
  • Fixed: Reverting a Component's properties in the Inspector recreates the entire Entity.
  • Fixed: Case where Components were duplicated after undoing Entity deletion.
  • Fixed: Entities without scripts being reloaded when scripts changed.
  • Fixed: Crash when undoing layer deletion through context menu in Level Explorer, and then doing undo/redo.
  • Fixed: (TrackView) Creating a key adds two events to the undo/redo-queue.
  • Fixed: Optimized the moving of objects between layers (for large object counts). This issue could potentially stall the Sandbox Editor indefinitely.
  • Fixed: (Open File dialog) Sort by size produces imprecise results.
  • Fixed: (TrackView) Capture Track produces warning: End capture failed.
  • Fixed: Non-uber fix.
  • Fixed: Asset Browser remembers thumbnail size, splitter placement.

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