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Launcher Version 1.8.2


Fixed: Bug that was causing News Articles to be published on the Launcher earlier than was scheduled.

Fixed: Asset Submission: Bug causing 'Cancel' submission button to not always be visible on the new asset submission window.

Fixed: Asset Submission: Bug causing 'Cancel' button on asset submission window to change name and be greyed out.

Fixed: Asset Submission: Bug causing previous step to no longer be visible when activating 'Back' button on asset submission window.

Fixed: Bug causing the error popup "Error Cancelling" to be displayed when a Vendor had edited, then submitted an asset and then cancelled the edited asset.

Landing Page

New: Asset Submission: Added a 'Cancel' confirmation popup (do you really want to cancel an asset submission?).

New: Added a link for Launcher Release Notes on the 'A new CRYENGINE Launcher Update is ready!' popup.

New: Added a logout option to the context menu (when right-clicking on the Launcher icon in the notification area/system tray).

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