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#include <Cry_Color.h>

Inherited by SerializableColor_tpl< T >.

Public Member Functions

ILINE Color_tpl (T _x, T _y, T _z, T _w)
ILINE Color_tpl (T _x, T _y, T _z)
ILINE Color_tpl (const unsigned int abgr)
ILINE Color_tpl (const f32 c)
ILINE Color_tpl (const ColorF &c)
ILINE Color_tpl (const ColorB &c)
ILINE Color_tpl (const ColorF &c, float fAlpha)
ILINE Color_tpl (const Vec3 &c, float fAlpha)
void Clamp (float Min=0, float Max=1.0f)
void ScaleCol (float f)
float Luminance () const
ILINE float Max () const
float NormalizeCol (ColorF &out) const
ILINE Color_tpl (const Vec3 &vVec)
ILINE Color_tploperator= (const Vec3 &v)
ILINE Color_tploperator= (const Color_tpl &c)
ILINE T & operator[] (int index)
ILINE T operator[] (int index) const
ILINE void set (T _x, T _y, T _z, T _w)
ILINE Color_tpl operator+ () const
ILINE Color_tpl operator- () const
ILINE Color_tploperator+= (const Color_tpl &v)
ILINE Color_tploperator-= (const Color_tpl &v)
ILINE Color_tploperator*= (const Color_tpl &v)
ILINE Color_tploperator/= (const Color_tpl &v)
ILINE Color_tploperator*= (T s)
ILINE Color_tploperator/= (T s)
ILINE Color_tpl operator+ (const Color_tpl &v) const
ILINE Color_tpl operator- (const Color_tpl &v) const
ILINE Color_tpl operator* (const Color_tpl &v) const
ILINE Color_tpl operator/ (const Color_tpl &v) const
ILINE Color_tpl operator* (T s) const
ILINE Color_tpl operator/ (T s) const
ILINE bool operator== (const Color_tpl &v) const
ILINE bool operator!= (const Color_tpl &v) const
ILINE unsigned char pack_rgb332 () const
ILINE unsigned short pack_argb4444 () const
ILINE unsigned short pack_rgb555 () const
ILINE unsigned short pack_rgb565 () const
ILINE unsigned int pack_bgr888 () const
ILINE unsigned int pack_rgb888 () const
ILINE unsigned int pack_abgr8888 () const
ILINE unsigned int pack_argb8888 () const
Vec4 toVec4 () const
Vec3 toVec3 () const
void toHSV (f32 &h, f32 &s, f32 &v) const
void fromHSV (f32 h, f32 s, f32 v)
void clamp (T bottom=0.0f, T top=1.0f)
void maximum (const Color_tpl< T > &ca, const Color_tpl< T > &cb)
void minimum (const Color_tpl< T > &ca, const Color_tpl< T > &cb)
void abs ()
void adjust_contrast (T c)
void adjust_saturation (T s)
void adjust_luminance (float newLum)
void lerpFloat (const Color_tpl< T > &ca, const Color_tpl< T > &cb, float s)
void negative (const Color_tpl< T > &c)
void grey (const Color_tpl< T > &c)
Color_tpl< T > RGB2mCIE () const
 mCIE: adjusted to compensate problems of DXT compression (extra bit in green channel causes green/purple artifacts).
Color_tpl< T > mCIE2RGB () const
 mCIE: adjusted to compensate problems of DXT compression (extra bit in green channel causes green/purple artefacts).
void rgb2srgb ()
void srgb2rgb ()
void GetMemoryUsage (class ICrySizer *pSizer) const
ILINE Color_tpl (f32 _x, f32 _y, f32 _z, f32 _w)
ILINE Color_tpl (f32 _x, f32 _y, f32 _z)
ILINE Color_tpl (const unsigned int abgr)
ILINE Color_tpl (const float c)
ILINE Color_tpl (const ColorF &c)
ILINE Color_tpl (const ColorB &c)
ILINE Color_tpl (const Vec3 &c, float fAlpha)
ILINE Color_tpl (const ColorF &c, float fAlpha)

Static Public Member Functions

static uint32 ComputeAvgCol_Fast (const uint32 dwCol0, const uint32 dwCol1)
 Helper function - maybe we can improve the integration.

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

template<class T>
struct Color_tpl< T >

RGBA Color structure

See also
ColorB and ColorF

Member Function Documentation

◆ adjust_luminance()

template<class T >
void Color_tpl< T >::adjust_luminance ( float  newLum)

Optimized yet equivalent version of replacing luminance in XYZ space. Color and luminance are expected to be linear.

◆ adjust_saturation()

template<class T>
void Color_tpl< T >::adjust_saturation ( s)

Approximate values for each component's contribution to luminance. Based upon the NTSC standard described in ITU-R Recommendation BT.709.

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