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Surface definition. More...

#include <ISurfaceType.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual void Release ()=0
 Releases surface type.
virtual uint16 GetId () const =0
virtual const char * GetName () const =0
 Unique name of the surface type.
virtual const char * GetType () const =0
 Typename of this surface type.
virtual int GetFlags () const =0
virtual void Execute (SSurfaceTypeExecuteParams &params)=0
 Execute material.
virtual int GetBreakability () const =0
 Returns a some cached properties for faster access.
virtual float GetBreakEnergy () const =0
virtual int GetHitpoints () const =0
virtual const SPhysicalParams & GetPhyscalParams ()=0
virtual const SSurfaceTypeAIParams * GetAIParams ()=0
 Optional AI Params.
virtual SBreakable2DParams * GetBreakable2DParams ()=0
 Optional params for 2D breakable plane.
virtual SBreakageParticles * GetBreakageParticles (const char *sType, bool bLookInDefault=true)=0
virtual bool Load (int nId)=0
 Loads surface, (do not use directly).

Detailed Description

Surface definition.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetFlags()

virtual int ISurfaceType::GetFlags ( ) const
pure virtual

Flags of the surface type.

Combination of ESurfaceTypeFlags flags.

◆ GetId()

virtual uint16 ISurfaceType::GetId ( ) const
pure virtual

Return unique Id of this surface type. Maximum of 65535 simultanious surface types can exist.

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