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#include <IInput.h>

Public Member Functions

void GetMemoryUsage (ICrySizer *pSizer) const

Public Attributes

EInputDeviceType deviceType
 Device type from which the event originated.
EInputState state
 Type of input event.
TKeyName keyName
 Human readable name of the event.
EKeyId keyId
 Device-specific id corresponding to the event.
int modifiers
 Key modifiers enabled at the time of this event.
float value
 Value associated with the event.
SInputSymbol * pSymbol
 Input symbol the event originated from.
uint8 deviceIndex
 Local index of this particular controller type.
uint8 deviceUniqueID
 Process wide unique controller ID.

Detailed Description

InputEvents are generated by input system and dispatched to all event listeners. The stream of SInputEvent should not be used for text input, the SUnicodeEvent stream should be used instead

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