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User defined callback, which can be passed to ISystem. More...

#include <ISystem.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual void OnSystemConnect (ISystem *pSystem)
 This method is called at the earliest point the ISystem pointer can be used the log might not be yet there.
virtual void OnProcessSwitch ()=0
virtual void OnInitProgress (const char *sProgressMsg)=0
 Notifies user, usually editor, about initialization progress in system.
virtual void OnInit (ISystem *)
virtual void OnShutdown ()
 Shutdown callback.
virtual void OnQuit ()
 Quit callback.
virtual void OnUpdate ()
 Notify user of an update iteration. Called in the update loop.
virtual EQuestionResult ShowMessage (const char *text, const char *caption, EMessageBox uType)
 Show message by provider.
virtual void GetMemoryUsage (ICrySizer *pSizer)=0
 Collects the memory information in the user program/application.

Detailed Description

User defined callback, which can be passed to ISystem.

Member Function Documentation

◆ OnInit()

virtual void ISystemUserCallback::OnInit ( ISystem )

Initialization callback. This is called early in CSystem::Init(), before any of the other callback methods is called.

◆ OnProcessSwitch()

virtual void ISystemUserCallback::OnProcessSwitch ( )
pure virtual

If working in Editor environment notify user that engine want to Save current document. This happens if critical error have occurred and engine gives a user way to save data and not lose it due to crash. Notifies user that system wants to switch out of current process. Example: Called when pressing ESC in game mode to go to Menu.

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