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Launcher Version 1.9.0

Third-Party Software Dependencies

The CRYENGINE Launcher will now show you a list of tools, plugins and third-party software you need to have installed. The first time you install CRYENGINE, you will be asked if you want to view this list. After that, you will get a pop-up every major release (not Preview releases) to make sure your third-party software is up to date.

By default the Dependencies view offers:

  • a way of knowing that you have the required run-time software installed
  • the ability for you to check for required SDKs in the source tree
  • detection of plugins for certain programs
  • validation of registry settings, paths, and libraries

This feature will show a full list of dependencies from Release version 5.5 onward.

You should check this list periodically and after you make any changes to your environment to validate and repair settings and paths. In certain instances, some third-party software may require a license or may only be housed on the domain of the listed third-party provider.

To view the dependencies and to check if any software needs to be updated, go to Library -> My Engines, click the dropdown menu for the Engine version you want to check and choose Dependencies.

Sketchfab Support

The CRYENGINE Launcher and Marketplace now support Sketchfab. This means that if you have a model of your asset uploaded to your portfolio on Sketchfab, you can link to it when you submit an asset to the Marketplace through the Launcher. Your prospective buyers will then be able to see exactly what it looks like when they're checking out your asset in the Marketplace!

To add a Sketchfab model of your asset, simply add a link during the Videos & Images step of asset submission. The Sketchfab viewer will then be embedded on the Marketplace page related to your asset.


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