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In AI programming, a behavior tree can be described as a collection of nodes that control the flow of decision making in computer-controlled agents.

CRYENGINE's Behavior Tree Editor allows developers to author complex behavior trees in high-level language, without having to write complex code full of classes, compilers, pointers and other low-level concepts.

It has helped develop realistic enemy behavior in the game HUNT: Showdown, from that of simple Grunts and Hellhounds, to that of more complex bosses like the Spider and Butcher.

The Behavior Tree Editor is accessed via the Tools -> Behavior Tree Editor option of the Sandbox's Main Menu.


The biggest benefit of the Behavior Tree Editor is that of being able to craft complex behavior trees via an intuitive user interface, without having to do so from scratch in code or XML.

For a more technical understanding of how behavior trees work on CRYENGINE however, or to learn how to develop custom action, composite and decorator nodes in C++, please refer to our technical documentation on behavior trees.

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