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To install CRYENGINE, a CRYENGINE account and the CRYENGINE Launcher are both required. Once installed, the CRYENGINE Launcher allows users to download different versions of CRYENGINE and to create/edit projects.

Existing CRYENGINE account holders only need to log in through the CRYENGINE Launcher to download the latest Engine and or Launcher release.

Creating a CRYENGINE Account

Besides providing access to the latest CRYENGINE release, a CRYENGINE account also grants users access to a community of game developers and curated assets, many of which are free of charge. 

To sign-up for a CRYENGINE account, click the GET CRYENGINE button and complete the Sign up process, (please make sure to read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy). You will then receive a verification email which you need to acknowledge.


Sign Up

Downloading and Installing the CRYENGINE Launcher 

Clicking the DOWNLOAD button on the CRYENGINE homepage automatically downloads a copy of the Launcher Setup Wizard. 

Simply follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process - the CRYENGINE Launcher icon  will be added to your desktop as part of the installation process..

Installing CRYENGINE

For earlier versions of the CRYENGINE Launcher (prior to release 1.10.0 (14 May 2019)), there was a requirement that at least one project (that utilized the to be installed CRYENGINE version) had to be created and saved to disk in order for that version of CRYENGINE to be downloaded and installed. Since release 1.10.0 this requirement has been removed.

  1. Double click on the CRYENGINE Launcher icon, then enter your log in credentials. NOTE: If a new CRYENGINE Launcher version is available a pop-up will appear. We recommend that the most up to date version of the CRYENGINE Launcher is always used. Below is the main Launcher dashboard. There are different ways in which an Engine version can be downloaded via the Launcher dashboard, however the fastest way is to click on the  button.
  2. Doing so opens the dashboard shown below. All the Engine versions that are available for download, and the Engines that you have previously installed (if any have been installed) are displayed. In the example below we will install CRYENGINE version 5.6.1. 
    Under CRYENGINE 5.6.1 click on the  button. The Engine will then start to download - this process may take some time to complete (depending on your network connection speed).
  3. Once the Engine has download, you will be presented with a pop-up like the one shown below. Depending on what you intend to do with the Engine now determines what you need to do next. For example, if you do not intend to work with Game Code, a third party Audio middleware product, develop C++ plugins, use plugins and tools for supporting the export and content creation processes used with various DCC packages then you will not need to install any additional components and can therefore just click on the Skip button. The Engine installation process is then complete and you can proceed to Managing CRYENGINE Projects - Creating, Importing & Upgrading Projects.

  4. However, for those CRYENGINE users that do intend to to work with any of the elements mentioned above, then some further installation steps are required.
    Click on the Go button (from the pop-up), the Launcher dashboard shown below will open. There are 3 main sections; 1: IDE and Compiler, 2: SDKs and Dependencies, 3: Tools and Plugins. Sections 1: and 2: relate to third party applications while section 3: relates to CRYENGINE itself. It is worth you exploring what additional components are available (there is a scrolling function in sections 1: and 2:.
    For more details about installing the components available in section 3:, then see CRYENGINE Plugins and Tools. Completing the installation of the various dependencies is then a case of working through sections 1:, 2: and 3: and installing the components that you need for your intended use of the Engine. Finally, once you have installed the additional components that you require, then you can proceed to Managing CRYENGINE Projects - Creating, Importing & Upgrading Projects.  

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