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Features with a 'Needs Validation' status are yet to be validated by the CRYENGINE technical council.  

C++17 Language Features

Template argument deduction for class templatesNeeds validation-
Declaring non-type template parameters with autoNeeds validation-
Folding expressionsNeeds validation-
New rules for auto deduction from braced-init-listNeeds validation-
Constexpr lambdaNeeds validation-
Lambda capture this by valueNeeds validation-
Inline variablesNeeds validation-
Nested namespacesAllowedDoesn't cause any blocking issues.
Structured bindingsNeeds validation-
Selection statements with initializerNeeds validation-
Constexpr ifNeeds validation-
Utf-8 character literalsNeeds validation-
Direct-list-initialization of enumsNeeds validation-
New standard attributesNeeds validation-

C++17 Library Features

std::variantDisallowed.Not supported on PS4 as of SDK 6.5.
std::optionalNeeds validation-
std::anyNeeds validation-
std::string_viewNeeds validation-
std::invokeNeeds validation-
std::applyNeeds validation-
std::filesystemNeeds validation-
std::byteNeeds validation-
Splicing for maps and setsNeeds validation-
Parallel algorithmsNeeds validation-

C++14 Language Features

Binary literalsNeeds validation-
Generic lambda expressionsNeeds validation-
Lambda capture initializersNeeds validation-
Return type deductionNeeds validation-
Decltype(auto)Needs validation-
Relaxing constraints on constexpr functionsNeeds validation-
Variable templatesNeeds validation-
[[deprecated]] attributeNeeds validation-

C++14 Library Features

User-defined literals for standard library typesNeeds validation-
Compile-time integer sequencesNeeds validation-
std::make_uniqueNeeds validation-

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